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Logo Universal Image Loader Wrapper for Android

This project is a wrapper for Sergey Tarasevich's project.


Current Features

  • ImageLoadingView: A view that can load an image from a url asynchronously. It also exposes most of the functionality of the Universal-Image-Loader as java functions and some in XML.

Android 2.0+ support


User Support

  1. Look into Useful Info
  2. Search problem solution on StackOverFlow
  3. Ask your own question on StackOverFlow.
    Be sure to mention following information in your question:
  • UILW version (e.g. 1.0.0)
  • Android version tested on (e.g. 2.1)
  • your configuration (ImageLoaderConfiguration)
  • display options (DisplayImageOptions)
  • getView() method code of your adapter (if you use it)
  • XML layout of your ImageView/ImageLoadingView you load image into

Bugs and feature requests put here.

Quick Setup

Universal Image Loader Library Quick Setup

Useful Info

Universal Image Loader Library Useful Info

Applications using Universal Image Loader

MediaHouse, UPnP/DLNA Browser | Деловой Киров | Бизнес-завтрак | Menu55 | SpokenPic | Kumir | TuuSo Image Search | Газета Стройка | Prezzi Benzina (AndroidFuel) | [Quiz Guess The Guy] ( | Volksempfänger (alpha) | ROM Toolbox Lite, Pro | London 2012 Games | 카톡 이미지 - 예쁜 프로필 이미지 | dailyPen | Mania! | Stadium Astro | Chef Astro | Lafemme Fashion Finder | FastPaleo | Sporee - Live Soccer Scores | friendizer | LowPrice lowest book price | bluebee | EyeEm - Photo Filter Camera | Festival Wallpaper | Gaudi Hall | Spocal | PhotoDownloader for Facebook | Вкладыши | Dressdrobe | mofferin | WordBoxer | EZ Imgur | Ciudad en línea | Urbanismo en línea | Waypost | Moonrise Kingdom Wallpapers HD | Chic or Shock? | Auto Wallpapers | Brasil Notícias | ProfiAuto’s VideoBlog | CarteleraApp (Cine), AdsFree | Listonic - Zamów Zakupy | Topface - meeting is easy | Name The Meme | Name The World | Pregnancy Tickers - Widget | User Manager ROOT Android 4.2 | Theke | SensibleJournal | PiCorner for Flickr, Instagram | Survey-n-More - Paid Surveys | STROBEL Verlag Basic | reddit is fun, golden platinum | iDukan Diet Tracker | Geek Hero Comic | Sprinter | Twxter | Locaside ★ Parties und Events | fileboost | Urbanoe Mobile | What Channel's the Game On...? | MythTV Android Frontend | Diaro - personal diary | AwwBrowser | KCCO Pro | STQRY | Forbes Reader Holo | Pönis Filmclub | Socially You - Free, PRO | КПРФ.ру | | Colonial Club | Plex for PlexPass | Perfect Spot | My Diet Tracker | All Cebu | WebMoney Keeper Mobile | Ja, Rock! | Art Widget, Pro | Le Monde Archives | LoL Memento League of Legends | WANNA B! 워너비! | Alcázar de San Juan | PetsDaily | CarCrazee | Meetup | G'day Australia (Newspapers) | Vingle - Magazines by Fans | Facebook Album Downloader | Esplorea | Dog Breeds | 롱비치하우스 펜션 - 을왕리해수욕장 | DJ Paolo | @to Music - VK,, Radio | 배달몬스터-주문하고 로또받자(특허출원) | Extra! Newspaper Covers | iWestern | All is Wall - HD Wallpapers | Galbijjim Searcher | Slow Radio Unofficial | Protein Finder | Robird | MPme Radio | MicroHealth Hemofilia | Anime Music Radio | Top Games | 米折-购物省钱助手,淘宝网天猫聚划算京东等600商城返利 | Learn 'n' Share | ЯП.Мобайл | AssamKart | Da Ai TV | | HDOut | UsedAppleJuice | Killermatch - tennis, squash.. | FreeMusic | ScialaMundi | FRIENDSCOUT24 - FLIRT & DATING | Meteociel | ニコニコ静画(電子書籍) | Dota2TV | Sale Alert (Malaysia) | MMA Follower | WidgetLocker Theme Viewer | Rio de Janeiro Guide


You can support the project and thank the author for his hard work :)

Click here to lend your support to: Universal Image Loader for Android and make a donation at ! Flattr this

  • PayPal - nostra.uil[at]gmail[dot]com
  • WebMoney - Z417203268219
  • GitTip - nostra13


If you use Universal Image Loader Wrapper code in your application you should inform the author of the Universal Image Loader library about it ( email: nostra13[at]gmail[dot]com ) like this:

Subject: UIL usage notification
Text: I use Universal Image Loader <lib_version> in <application_name> - http://link_to_google_play. I [allow | don't allow] to mention my app in section "Applications using Universal Image Loader" on GitHub.

Also I'll be grateful if you mention UIL in application UI with string "Using Universal Image Loader (c) 2011-2013, Sergey Tarasevich" (e.g. in some "About" section).

Copyright 2011-2013 Sergey Tarasevich

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


A Wrapper for Sergey Tarasevich's Android-Universal-Image-Loader







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