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I am the captain. This is my log.

My computer's OS has logging, why don't I?

caplog is a command-line script that I use to write one-line logs about anything I think is worth logging. The script used to save entries to a json file ~/cap.log, but things started getting really slow, so I moved to an sqlite database located in ~/caplog.db.

caplog is compatible with Python 2 & 3.

Create an alias to make things easier.

alias caplog='python3 /path/to/'

Make a new log entry.

$ caplog Made progress on my caplog script.

Other usage:

usage: [-h] [-a AMEND [AMEND ...] | -b [BATCH [BATCH ...]] | -d | -g
                 GREP [GREP ...] | -l [NLOGS] | -p [PAST [PAST ...]] | -c |
                 [logmessage [logmessage ...]]

I am the captain. This is my log. caplog keeps short simple logs.

positional arguments:
  logmessage            The log message

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a AMEND [AMEND ...], --amend AMEND [AMEND ...]
                        amend last log entry
  -b [BATCH [BATCH ...]], --batch [BATCH [BATCH ...]]
                        add entries in batch from a directory
  -d, --delete          delete last log entry
  -g GREP [GREP ...], --grep GREP [GREP ...]
                        search entries including term
  -l [NLOGS], --last [NLOGS]
                        show last n entries, default if left empty is 3
  -p [PAST [PAST ...]], --past [PAST [PAST ...]]
                        enter a log entry from the past
  -c, --count           show count of log entries
  -r, --random          show a randomly chosen entry from logs

If used without arguments, caplog shows the last three entries in the log.

$ caplog
│ time             │ entry                                                                                    │
│ 2016-05-02 17:18 │ It's time to move caplog to a place where I can use it everywhere.                       │
│ 2016-05-02 17:18 │ And I just pushed a change to simple-statistics. Wanna keep going.                       │
│ 2017-04-30 20:45 │ Big changes to caplog. A thorough refactoring and clean up to fix all pylint issues, and │
│                  │ a rewrite of to print clean, pretty entries in a proper table.                           │


📒 I am the captain. This is my log.



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