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RELEASE_NOTES: update for 0.10

remove minor things and things that we had in many previous releases

Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>
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michaelni committed Jan 26, 2012
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Release Notes
-* 0.9 "Harmony" December, 2011
+* 0.10 "Freedom" January, 2012
General notes
-This release is binary compatible with 0.8. The 'ffmpeg' command-line tool has
-been extended to also support the command line syntax and features of a tool
-called avconv.
-Additionally, this release introduces a number of new interesting codecs
-such as the Apple Prores, Flash Screen Video 2 and Windows Media Image,
-and muxers such as LATM or CELT in Ogg, among many others. Moreover, our
-H.264 decoder has been improved to decode 4:2:2 material and our libx264
-wrapper now allows to produce 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 video.
+This release is binary compatible with 0.8 and 0.9.
See the Changelog file for a list of significant changes. Note, there
are many more new features and bugfixes than whats listed there.
@@ -39,24 +31,7 @@ is able to use AVCodecContext.get_buffer() in the similar way as video decoding.
* new audio encoding API which encodes from an AVFrame to an AVPacket, thus
allowing it to properly output timing information and side data.
-* rewritten AVOptions API with better built-in support for private options.
-* private options support for demuxers [avformat_open_input()], muxers
-[avformat_write_header()], encoders and decoders [avcodec_open2()].
-As a result, many format- or codec-specific fields and flags in AVFormatContext
-and AVCodecContext were deprecated -- notably most of CODEC_FLAG2_* and many
-* new API for custom IO interrupt callbacks.
-* #include cleanup in libavutil -- libavutil/avutil.h no longer includes all
-the other headers in libavutil, they must be included manually. One specific
-result is that libavutil/mathematics.h is no longer included from
-libavcodec/avcodec.h, which is a common source of errors.
-Please see the file doc/APIchanges for details along with
-similar programmer-centric information.
+Please see the git history and the file doc/APIchanges for details.
Other notable changes
@@ -67,8 +42,8 @@ symbols. This will break applications using those symbols. Possible solutions
are, in order of preference:
1) Try finding a way of accomplishing the same with public API.
2) If there is no corresponding public API, but you think there should be,
-post a request on the user mailing list or IRC channel.
+post a request on the developer mailing list or IRC channel.
3) Finally if your program needs access to FFmpeg / libavcodec / libavformat
internals for some special reason then the best solution is to link statically.
-Please see the Changelog file for a more detailed list of changes.
+Please see the Changelog file and git history for a more detailed list of changes.

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