Code to be run on the RIT SPEX weather balloon to estimate craft pose via cameras.
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This code provides horizon detection functionality for RIT SPEX HAB weather balloon.

Build Dependencies

The build proccess depends on OpenCV 2.4.9 (or greater) C++ libraries being installed.

Build Instructions

Use the following commands to build the software in this repository:

  • mkdir RIT-SPEX-HAB-ComputerVision/build
  • cd RIT-SPEX-HAB-ComputerVision/build
  • cmake ..
  • make

Running the Executable

Please note certain aspects of program execution assume the application is running out of RIT-SPEX-HAB-ComputerVision/build/bin. Take this into account if you are going to add the executable to a init service (eg. init.d).

Use the following commands to start the horizon detection application:

  • cd RIT-SPEX-HAB-ComputerVision/build/bin
  • ./RIT_SPEX_Horizon <cam1Index> <cam2Index>

Replace <cam1Index> and <cam2Index> with respective indecies.

Note: if no camera index arguments are supplied, defaults are 0 and 1.