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A web application providing tools for genetics computations (e.g. DNA transcription, RNA translation, gene frequency calculation).
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Genetics Toolbox

The goal of this project is to create several tools that can perform common calculations or tasks relating to genetics.

Checkout the app hosted on Azure.

Genetic Code Tool

This tool provides several functions relating to DNA template and coding strands:

  • Finding complementary strands
  • Transcribing into RNA
  • Determining the open reading frame (ORF)
  • Translating into amino acid sequences

Hardy-Weinberg Tool

The Hardy-Weinberg law is used to predict genotype and allele frequencies in a gene pool under an ideal condition called the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Using the Wolfram|Alpha Instant Calculator API, this tool will take in any genotype or allele frequencies and will return a set of information about the specified gene pool.

Future Ideas

I plan to develop tools for:

  • Three-point-cross gene mapping
  • ...Other suggestions are welcome!
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