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React inspired style guide generator for Vue.js
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🙀 [20/09/2017] Project discontinued 🙀

For purpose of having a demo of your Vuejs components please take a look at following projects that do really great job and are really handy for you dev workflow with Vuejs: storybook for vuejs and vue-styleguidist.

Vue js components styleguide generator 📚

dependencies status

Initially started after reading this vue.js feature request. Now only basic proof of concept is available which can load folder with .vue files, parse it and extract basic props of it.

Target is to have some tool with at least some of the React version capabilities.

Idea is to have what vue-play does but in automated way - with one task run, plus READMEs, etc.

Generate single html file containing all components listed with details and search out from your .vue project files.

Questions & bugs

  • General questions please ping me on twitter @legkoletat.
  • Bugs and inconsistencies please create an issue . Please concider to adding more information on what is the codebase you're running the generator against, what errors (with code, if applicable) you got. To keep issues list clean and relevant issues with no feedback/details/activity will be closed within 3 days.

1. Examples

Running on large components collections

Output UI demo

resulting output

2. Setup

  1. npm install vue-styleguide-generator --save-dev

  2. add to you package.json in script section - for example like this "build-components": "node ./node_modules/vue-styleguide-generator/" and then run npm run build-components from the root folder of the project.

🏃 You can also manually (or using Gulp/Grunt) run node ./node_modules/vue-styleguide-generator/

3. Usage

Works only for Vue 2.x projects.

CLI options

Name Type Description Default
--src String Source dir, will be recursively scanned src
--dest String Destination output dir, file index.html will be placed there components-preview
--exclude RegExp File mask to exclude certain type of files /^./
--locale String Output locale language en
--verbose String Output all details while processing false
--all String Do not ignore any components false
--o String Open browser preview after generating false

E.g.: node ./node_modules/vue-styleguide-generator/ --src components --dest preview will read components from PROJECT_ROOT/components folder and provide a html page into PROJECT_ROOT/preview folder

To see all parser error run with DEBUG: DEBUG=app node ./node_modules/vue-styleguide-generator/

How the components are iterated

If you want to see more information about the component - add a .md file in the same directory. While retrieving the files the following assumptions are made:

  • if there are files with the same name in one folder (e.g. /scr/partials/TabBar.vue and /scr/partials/ it's assumed to be one component;
  • if there are only two files in the folder and one is .vue and another is .md (e.g. /scr/TabBar/codez.vue and /scr/partials/ it's assumed to be one component;
  • If there are >1 .vue files in the folder and .md file that does not have the same name as one of the .vue files - this .md file is ignored
  • Components with no props, no computed and no methods defined are considered to be a simple wrappers and not outputed

Found a bug or have a proposal - please create an issue or tweet me @legkoletat!


  • improve parsing technique and/or configuration to deal with variety of components organisation approaches
  • syntax highlighting
  • align parsing and display with vue-js-component-style-guide
  • core: move the demo-page to use Vue so that components can be generated from its declaration
  • ui: output extra component parameters (computable, data)
  • various use cases testing, added vuikit and Keen-UI links

Contributions are welcome 👍!

Especially on following:

Bugs and problems

  • window object may not be patched fully so some component's code execution may fail
  • 'vue-template-compiler' must be the same as the version of 'vue' you're using in your codebase. Now set to 2.1.10. may have to manually put to other version that's used in your project.'



Now as from 0.9.11 also your .js files referenced from .vue files are supported.


Added -o option to open the browser. Refactoring the template. Added pt-br translation by israelss.


UI improvements (UX of the search block, 'Copy' component code).



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