Real time price ticker for Bitcoin over wifi SSID names
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Real time price ticker for Bitcoin over wifi network names (SSID)

Price pulled from BitcoinAverage and broadcasted using mdk3. Script written for Openwrt, but likely to work elsewhere. Ideal for a portable router, send over-the-air bitcoin graffiti anywhere you go!

How it looks



How it works

This uses mdk3 to transmit raw beacon management frames identifying as wifi access points with custom SSIDs. These APs don't really exists and can't be connected to.

Dependencies (openwrt):

opkg install bash


  • ./ fetches data from bitcoinaverage and outputs [price] [24_hour_change]

  • ./ starts mdk3 and periodically updates the ticker data (by default, every 15s)


The network names are configured in ssid.txt, one SSID per line. %P is replaced with current (rounded) price, %C is replaced with the 24h price change. Network names are limited to 32 bytes.

Some more configuration options are available in

  • INTERVAL - interval for pulling data from BitcoinAverage, in seconds.

    default: 15 seconds

  • IFACE - the network interface to use (monitor mode should be supported and will automatically be activated)

    default: wlan0

  • SSIDPATH - temporary file to write network names to.

    defailt: /tmp/bitcoin-ssid-ticker.txt