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Intro to JavaScript


You have been contracted to build a command line game that models the card game War.


War is a very simple card game, played between two players. A deck of cards is shuffled and divided evenly between the two players. Each player draws the first card in their deck, and puts it down. The player who draws a card with a higher score wins the round and collects both cards, putting them at the bottom of their deck.

Gameplay continues in rounds, with each player drawing a card, the player who draws the highest scoring card winning the round and collecting the cards.

If the players draw cards that have the same score, then War is declared: the two players must continue to draw cards until one is declared a winner. The winner then collects all cards that have been drawn and adds them to their deck.

Neither player is allowed to know what cards are in their deck at any given time. Nor are players allowed to look at the cards in their deck.

A winner of the game is declared when they have all 52 cards in their deck and the other player has none.

Minimum requirements

Your game should start by running node index.js from the command line. The two players should then each be prompted for their usernames. Gameplay should then start and continue until a player wins.

Your program should print something to the console at each round, showing the current round, which cards each player drew, who is the winner and how many cards each player has left. If it is a tie, then you should print "War!" to the console before drawing more cards from each player.

Use Prompt to implement asking the user(s) questions via the command line, i.e. for their user name.

Getting Unstuck

If you get stuck, first retrace your steps. I highly recommend using console.log to print things to the screen to check and make sure you're getting what you expect (i.e. I'm expecting this to be an object, is it? console.log it to find it's a number. Why would it be a number? I guess maybe this is the index, rather than the object itself? hmm...).

If you're really stuck and can't figure it out, then look back at the previous assignments. Look specifically for any previous exercises that are similar to the problem you're stuck on. Look at how you solved the problem then. Is there anything there that you could try here? Don't copy and paste your code willy nilly, as that will lead to more bugs! But, do look at how you solved the problem then, think through it and see if it gives you ideas for solving the problem you're stuck on.

If you're still stuck after all of that, check with your neighbor. Maybe they can help you think through the bug or problem?

After that, raise your hand and Zakk or Christine will come over to help you.

Bonus Level 1

Use one or more npm packages to make your command line interface more user friendly. Be creative! The sky is the limit. Here are some suggested packages. Implement one or two.

Bonus Level 2

Use object oriented programming, modeling Cards, Decks, and Players. Your file should be broken up into multiple files, grouping your code by functionality and purpose.


First Lab for Intro to JavaScript, as taught in DC






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