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Second Lab for Intro to JavaScript, as taught in DC
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Tunr is the worlds #1 music web app. Those Spotify haters can't keep up with us!

For your second lab, you will be building an application like Spotify that lets users add their favorite artists and songs.


In order to be considered complete, you must make a pull request on this repository with the following:

  • a file that lists every entity in your application and all properties of that entity
  • a file that shows the steps you will follow in creating this application
  • a working application that meets all the technical requirements listed below

Technical Requirements

Your application Should meet the following Requirements:

Your application should:

  • have a home page where users can see a list of all artists stored in your application
  • have a consistent footer across all pages in your application
  • have a consistent header and heading navigation across all pages in your application
  • use a stylesheet to apply at least some consistent styling to your application (feel free to use bootstrap)
  • have the following functionality for Artists and Songs:

For Artists, a user should be able to:

  • view a list of all artists on the home page
    • this list should show the artist or band name with an image
  • view detailed information on an artist specific page
  • add a new artist by submitting a form to add artists to your application
  • edit an existing artist
  • add comments to an artist specific page that include an author, date and description


The following are all optional bonus activities:

  • full CRUD
    • add the ability to delete artists from your database
  • spruce up the styling a bit
  • look up a partial in handlebars and implement at least one
    • an artist item partial or a comment partial, perhaps?
  • associate Artists with a Comments model
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