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Code for my landing page. Including development code and production ready code.
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screenshot.png professional landing page


This is a starter site I created in order to link it to professional sites versus my freelancing business at She's Gotta Develop It.

Tools used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Trello Board for project management
  • Google docs for content compilation


  • HTML
  • CSS & Sass
  • JavaScript

New tools for this project:

  • Nunjucks
  • Gulp
  • BrowserSync

Gulp plugins used

  • gulp-nunjucks-render
  • browser-sync

Workflow Considerations

  • Compile/convert Nunjucks templates to html
  • Watch for changes to scss & css files (which are compiled using my Atom editor package vs using gulp)
  • Watch for changes to nunjucks files which triggers creation/modification of html files
  • Watch for changes to js files
  • Package all final assets to a production/distribution folder
  • Create task to publish final site to github, excluding nbproject & node_modules aka deployment builds v1 screenshot

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