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an app for making fitness connections
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Fit Connect App

Project Description

The original concept was limited to women, but Fit Connect is an application that helps all individuals connect with others based on their similar fitness goals. This will help anyone who wants an accountability partner or someone who gets more motivated (and accountable) when working with others than just alone.

Project UI

Users will be able to create a personal account, set up their profile to include basic info (age, sex, location) and fitness details: their current fitness level, their preferred gym or workout locations, classes or fitness programs they enjoy or would like to participate in, along with days/times for workout scheduling.

Users will then be able to browse the database and connect with others with similar profiles. They can save profiles for later.


  • express
  • mongodb
  • mongoose
  • authentication with passport and passport-local
  • nunjucks

Technical Requirements

This application utilizes CRUD for creating users and updating their pages

  • New User Account Creation Page - authentication
  • Returning User Login Page - authentication
  • User Account Profile/dashboard
  • CRUD abilities for querying other users with similar profiles
    • add fitness connections linked to each user's profile

Potential Enhancements

  • ability to delete and update fitness connections
  • Possibly use FB/Twitter/Google or whatever for login/account creation
  • Users will also be able to create workout events and have other members join them.
  • Users will be able to send messages/emails to potential workout buddies

Potential APIs for integration (and other features):

See for additional notes.

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