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Open source privacy-friendly analytics
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Freshlytics is an open source privacy-friendly analytics software. It aims to be reliable, friendly to use and easy to deploy.

Note: This is still in beta so use in production with care.


  • Privacy
    • Cookies are not used
    • Personally identifiable information (PII) is not collected
  • Dashboard
    • Switch between multiple projects
    • Slice the data within a date range
    • See the pageview in different dimensions like page urls, referrers, browsers etc
  • Tracking
    • Currently focuses on website pageview tracking
    • Tracks visited page urls, referrers, browsers and browser versions
  • Projects
    • Supports multiple projects
    • Different projects can have different reporting timezones
  • Users
    • Users can either be Admin or normal users
    • Admins can create/edit/delete projects and other users



PRs are welcome!

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