A database migration utility for Codeigniter inspired by Ruby on Rails.
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Codeigniter-Migrations Package


Based On

Migrations by Mat'as Montes


An open source utility for CodeIgniter inspired by Ruby on Rails.

The one thing Ruby on Rails has that CodeIgniter does not have built in is database migrations. That function to keep track of database changes (versions) and migrate your database to what ever version you need. Migrate up or migrate down. With this library you can now do this.


Add the migrations folder to your packages directory, the first usage will create the table specified in this package's configuration file. You will need to create your migrations folder and classes and point to directory in the config file.

The migration files included in this are just examples. You should install them where ever you point your $config["migrations_path"] to.


$this->migrations->set_verbose(TRUE); // echo statements or not
$this->migrations->version(id); // migrate the database to a particular version
$this->migrations->latest(); // migrate the database to the latest version
$this->migrations->install(); // install to the latest version.

The migrate.php controller just shows the use of these functions. If you are going to use it. comment out the show_error() in the construct, and put it back in place when you are done or disable it in the configuration file.


Make sure our database is up-to-date

if ( ! $this->migrations->latest())
	$error = $this->migrations->get_error();

Update (or come back to) migration 5

if ( ! $this->migrations->version(5))
	$error = $this->migrations->get_error();


Run $this->migrations_model->uninstall() or simply drop the table it added and remove the migrations package and the migrations directory/files you added.