LynxOS FUSE filesystem driver for Linux
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README for LynxFS driver

More information at

What is it?

A Lynx OS ( filesystem driver. This driver
mounts a LynxOS filesystem as a loopback. It is a bit lazily written,
it loads the entire filesystem image into RAM and operates on the
image in memory.

Why is it?

I don't really know. I had no particular reason for writing it. I
have no use for it. I've never used LynxOS, and I don't plan to. I
think I just did it just to prove that I could.

Implementation notes:

This filesystem driver was written using the excellent guide to
filesystem design at
which, although written with reference to the Be file system, describes
enough of the BSD FFS structure to be applicable to LynxFS, which is
nearly identical.

I'm pretty sure the driver works fine. It's read-only. I could
probably implement read-write support, but I don't think I would find
it interesting. Patches welcome, of course. If it doesn't work for
you, please email me, and I'll fix it, there are naturally a number
of things I'm not too sure about.

The driver was implemented entirely by intelligent guesswork.
I don't have any way of creating LynxOS filesystems, so I can't do
any extended testing. However, with all that, I'm pretty sure the
code works, and will be fine.