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Ah the 80s... The music, the TV shows, the computers, and, the video games! I had a three computer systems in my youth:

  1. The first was a Dream 6800 my dad got from a co-worker. Calling it primitive was an understatement even in the 80s, but it was the best birthday present I've ever got. The power supply my dad built to feed it could have powered a small nation.
  2. Is there a person who grew up in the 80s who hasn't got a soft spot for the mighty Commodore 64? We all wanted one. Back in the day they were quite expensive, but awesome seldom comes cheap. Me and my brother got one for Christmas, it was too much money for my parents to shell out for one kid.
  3. An Amiga 500. We all wanted one of those too. Another joint present with my brother. He was into art, I still remember his reaction when I told him he could make any pixel any one of 32 colours in Deluxe Paint.

If you force me to pick one I'd have to go with the C64, and that's what I'm doing on this site, at least for now. I was always more interested in reverse engineering games than actually playing them; in typical midlife crisis style I'm going to revisit that obsession.

Tools of the trade

I'm making them as I go along. Partly because it's part of the game, partly because it's a good way to learn Python, but also because I can add features as and when I need them. Check out the tools section.


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