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Holy Balls: The Game A free and open source capture-the-flag game. Version 1.0, now with gameplay and some semblance of object oriented code!


Proposed Gameplay

  • Capture the flag based
  • event engine interfaces with game engine that announces what happens, sends data to socket code to talk to client


  • Linux/Windows
    • Hardware
      • unholyballs requires at least a modern integrated graphics chipset (OpenGL 2.0 support)
      • holyballs require at least an ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4670 to run at 640x480 at 60fps
    • Software
      • SDL2 is required for both versions
      • OpenAL is required for both versions
      • OpenGL and GLEW is required for both versions
      • OpenCL is required only for holyballs
  • Mac
    • Hardware
      • unholyballs requires a Mac from the last 10 years
      • holyballs requires a Mac with OpenCL support
    • Software
      • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher; earlier versions have not been tested


On Ubuntu:

apt-get install libsdl2-dev libglew-dev libalut-dev


  • Linux
    • make
      see 'make all'
    • make server
      will build only the server
    • make holyballs
      will build holyballs, the ray tracing binary. requires OpenCL and at minimum a GTS450. will only work for single GPU systems.
    • make multiballs
      will build multiballs, the multi-gpu ray tracing binary. requires OpenCL and at minimum a GTS450. if on a single GPU system, will run slower than holyballs.
    • make unholyballs
      will build only the unholyballs binary, for people with lesser graphics cards
    • make all
      will build all four binaries
  • Mac
    • Open Holy Balls.xcodeproj and build hbserver and one of the clients.
    • Copy the sound filles, font files, and optionally the OpenCL sources (required for holyballs and multiballs) into your build directory.



-h: to display help message

-i [ip]: to connect to specified server; default is

-d [width] [height]: to play at specified resolution; default is 640x480

-f: to play in fullscreen; will not work if specified resolution is greater than screen resolution


  • Mouse: Turn
  • W: Accelerate forwards
  • A: Accelerate left
  • S: Accelerate backwards
  • D: Accelerate right
  • Escape: Bring up menu


  • Sounds from
    • bounce sound from user dreamoron
    • ding sound from user acclivity
    • splat sound from user benhillyard

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