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Most ShapeNet models are exported from SketchUp with double-faces. In original Mitsuba renderer without back-face culling, there are black pixels when intersecting the 'back side' face. There are also some categories, such as cars, are not double-sided. Some of them only have flipped faces, which makes backface culling not work.

This fork simply implements a 'shapenet' shape importer. It reads model and material from ShapeNet .obj files and assign them with proper 'twosided' BSDF.

For more details about mitsuba renderer, please visit its homepage at .

And for the dependency of the project, please check .

On Windows, you can simply put the dependencies_windows repo under the project folder and rename it as mitsuba-shapenet\dependencies. It would automatically find required headers and libraries.

If you meet the problem of missing header such as mitsuba_precompiled_header.hpp, please turn off MTS_USE_PCH flag during CMake.

Currently it cannot handle per-vertex normal or smooth group in ShapeNet obj. You can use 'maxSmoothAngle' to add some smoothness rendering effect.


Rendering scripts and results can be found here. Images rendered with this ShapeNet importer(left) and Mitsuba OBJ importer(right):

alt text alt text

alt text alt text