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Weceem CMS Plugin for Grails

This is the code for the free Open Source Weceem plugin for Grails.

This plugin is the full implementation of a pure-Grails Content Management System that you can embed into your own Grails applications. You can create customized CMS functionality or a hybrid application/CMS to provide user-editable content in production.

Security is completely decoupled so that you can plug in whatever security mechanism you are using, and you can customize the look and feel of the user interface to suit your application.

Full documentation is available on the Weceem site

To install the plugin into an existing Grails application, you can simply run:

grails install-plugin weceem

See also the Weceem Spring Security Plugin which provides a simple bridge to your Spring Security domain classes, and Weceem App for a standalone fully-functioning CMS from which you can build a WAR without coding.

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