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Creates template functions for given Express JS routes
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URLTemplate is a module for creating contextless template functions from simple express routes. Those functions can then be passed in parameters as ordered arguments or as a hash to retrieve the desired URL. Since the functions are contextless, they can also be used client side.

var ut = require("routetemplate");

var myURL = ut({ route:"/article/:id" });

myURL();           // => "/article/:id";
myURL(123);        // => "/article/123"
myURL({ id:123 }); // => "/article/123";

var yourURL = ut({ route:"/blog/:blogid/:postid", prefix:"/your" });

yourURL();                             // => "/your/blog/:blogid/:postid"
yourURL("abc");                        // => "/your/blog/abc/:postid"
yourURL("abc",123);                    // => "/your/blog/abc/123"
yourURL({ blogid:"def", postid:456 }); // => "/your/blog/def/456"

Pass in an extra argument to add query parameters to the URL. An object argument will be automatically encoded and converted to the form "key1=val1&key2=val2". If you use the hash-first-argument form shown before, extra values are added in the same way.

Configuration options

  • route (req) - the simple express route to convert to a template function
  • prefix (opt) - useful when creating templates for a bunch of URLs with common prefixess
  • jspath (opt) - if you specify a path, routetemplate will write the resulting template function to that file as a requirable node module
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