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Live app

Minimum Viable Product

PetBnB is AirBnB for pets, built on Rails and Backbone. Users can:

  • Create accounts
  • Create sessions (log in); guest login
  • Browse home page for sample listings
  • Search by location
  • See search results:
    • As "previews" with images and prices
    • On a map with pins next to the results
  • See listing details on its own page:
    • Multiple images
    • Brief owner's info
    • Description
    • Dates to book
  • Make reservations on listing details page
  • See user's own profile with:
    • Brief info
    • Reservations
  • See other users' profiles with:
    • Listings

Design Docs

Implementation Timeline

Phase 1: User Authentication and Home Page (~1 day)

I will implement user authentication in Rails based on the practices learned at App Academy. Users will sign up or log in with a modal form similar to the one on AirBnB's home page, and be able to view their profiles upon signup. By the end of this phase, users will be able to browse the home page to learn more about PetBnB and see sample listings. The layout will be a similar one as AirBnB's home page. The most important part of this phase will be laying out the grid system (I will be using buttons as placeholders and eventually replace them with images in phase 4). The app will be pushed to Heroku at the end of the day.


Phase 2: Search (~2 days)

I will add search functionality to the home page, which will allow users to enter the location and check in/out dates similar to AirBnB's search box on the home page. Search results will initially only show the listing titles (to be improved upon in phase 4). Each listing's show page will display the listing's data in JSON (to be improved upon in phase 3).


Phase 3: Interactive Home Page and Listing Details (~2 days)

I will be replacing the buttons on the home page with actual images that link to sample listings. These will be populated in the database. I will modify the listing detail pages with more information, mimicking the AirBnB listing detail page.


Phase 4: Better Search Results and Reservations (~2 days)

I will improve the search results page by adding images and other details to the listing titles (like on AirBnB); the original search criteria will also be displayed on top of the results so that users can modify searches on the fly. I will also display a map (using a third party API to integrate Google Maps). Users will be able to book a pet host for specified dates by going to a listing's detail page.


Phase 5: Wrapping Up (~1-2 days)

I will do any styling needed for the pages from previous days that still need styling, and standardize the format across the whole site.


Bonus Features (TBD)

  • Create new listings
  • Leave / view reviews on listings and user profiles
  • Email activation / password reset
  • Animation of data population on guest login
  • Messaging between users
  • Notifications when another user respond to your message
  • Suggest hosts near user's location on home page
  • Save listings to a wishlist
    • From listing search results page
    • From listing details page
  • Sharing listings via email or social networks


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