An in-browser tour of Python suitable for language beginners, geared toward learning solo or in a group with a presenter.
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An in-browser tour of Python. Suitable for new students, teachers, presenters, etc.

You can use this on the web at, or you can clone the source, run locally, and open your browser to the indicated URL. Give it a try!

As a teacher of a class of varying competencies, I found it invaluable to have the same thing on the presentation screen that the students had on their own laptops. It was also nice that those who were comfortable with the material could forge ahead while those who felt less comfortable at least knew that they could go back over it any time later that evening.

The presentation is built to be usable on many device sizes, and the slide text can be moved out of the way to give more space to the presentation code window. The teacher usually doesn't need the slide text anyway.

Students' progress is saved in browser local storage, so they can move forward and backward through the slides without losing their work.

You can make a tarball distribution using the script, should you prefer to distribute it to the students and have them run it locally.

If you hack on the tutorial content (slides and initial code), you can change it dirctly in the (valid Python!) files under the "tutorials" directory. When you change those, be sure to run the script to update the data in index.html, where it is expected to be.