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Hikari ZSH - A pure and minimalistic zsh with special shortcuts
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Hikari ZSH - A pure and minimalistic zsh with special shortcuts

screenshot of hikari zsh


  • zsh
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting
  • fzf


Just copy the zshrc file in your home or include it via source <path to hikari zshrc file>

Visual Features

  • VCS information via zsh vcs_info
  • read-only directory warning (red path instead of blue)
  • error code visualization (only green and red)
  • hostname color randomization
  • username colorization (normal users are green, root is red)
  • syntax highlighting via zsh-syntax-highlighting
  • command completion via parts of grml zsh

Overwrite configuration

Feel free to import zsh configuration before hikari via .zshrc.pre and import it after hikari via zshrc.local.

Additional shortcuts

Advanced string operations

  • Press ctrl+x ' for surrounding single quotes
  • Press ctrl+x " for surrounding double quotes
  • Press ctrl+x ; for deleting everything inside of quotes

Add sudo in front of every command via shortcut

  • Press ctrl+x s for inserting sudo in front of any command

Insert the current date into the shell

  • Press ctrl+x d for inserting the current date

jump after the first word to insert arguments

  • Press ctrl+x 1 to jump behind the first word to insert additional arguments

Special behaviour with directories

  • Press ctrl+left or ctrl+right to jump between full words
  • Press alt+left or alt+right to jump between / in paths
  • Press alt+backspace to delete until next / in paths
  • Press ctrl+w to delete the whole last word

fzf shortcuts and completion features

  • Press ctrl+t for listing files and folders. For example: nvim ctrl+t
  • Press ctrl+r for fuzzy search history
  • Press alt+c for fuzzy change directory

Additional features

  • upline search
  • interactive comments
  • background jobs
  • vcs support
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