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Headless Integration testing

This repository contains source code for a simple cross platform integration test application using .net core 2, xUnit.Net, Selenium web driver, and Chrome browser with headless option.

Build status

Master branch

Build Status

Development branch

Build Status

Environment setup

  • Verify .net core 2x is installed

Run command dotnet --version in a terminal window, verify the net core version is 2 or above. Follow instructions in microsoft net core downloads page to install/update net core in your machine. .net core downloads page

  • Verify Google chrome version 59 or above is installed

    • If the computer you are running the tests are have a graphical user interface such as (Windows / Linux/ MAC OSX ) and have Chrome installed.

      Then Navigate to chrome://settings/help on you chrome browser and verify that the major version number is 59 or above.

    • If the computer you are running the tests are does not have a graphical user interface ( E.g. Headless Linux, Headless build agent)

      Run appropriate command to get Chrome version. In a ubuntu linux box you can run google-chrome --version to get the version number.

    • If you are running tests in a Headless CI agent such as Travis CI, Circle CI or appVeyor

    Verify that you have included appropriate environmental setup in the configuration .yml file. I'm using TravisCI for this repository and you can find the configuration settings this project uses in /.travis.yml file Link to file

  • Verify git-scm is installed

    If you run git --version on a terminal window and you get a version number, you a re good to go, other wise, install Git

How to run

If your environment is setup appropriately, run following commands to execute tests.

  • Clone the git repository
git clone
  • Restore dependencies
cd headless-integration-testing-csharp-chrome
dotnet restore
  • Run Tests
dotnet test

If everything goes well, you will see test results in the terminal.

C:\shibu\repos\headless-integration-testing-csharp-chrome>dotnet test
Build started, please wait...
Build completed.

Test run for C:\shibu\repos\headless-integration-testing-csharp-chrome\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.0\HeadLessTest.dll(.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0)
Microsoft (R) Test Execution Command Line Tool Version 15.6.0-preview-20180109-01
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Starting test execution, please wait...
[ 00:00:00.7196488]   Discovering: HeadLessTest
[ 00:00:00.7780174]   Discovered:  HeadLessTest
[ 00:00:00.7836419]   Starting:    HeadLessTest
[ 00:00:22.7766661]   Finished:    HeadLessTest

Total tests: 2. Passed: 2. Failed: 0. Skipped: 0.
Test Run Successful.
Test execution time: 23.7058 Seconds