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DenseNet Caffe Models, converted from
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We manually converted the original torch models into caffe format from

For details of these networks, please read the original paper:

Pretrained DenseNet Models on ImageNet

The top-1/5 accuracy rates by using single center crop (crop size: 224x224, image size: 256xN)

Network Top-1 Top-5 Download Architecture
DenseNet 121 (k=32) 74.91 92.19 caffemodel (30.8 MB) netscope, netron
DenseNet 169 (k=32) 76.09 93.14 caffemodel (54.6 MB) netscope, netron
DenseNet 201 (k=32) 77.31 93.64 caffemodel (77.3 MB) netscope, netron
DenseNet 161 (k=48) 77.64 93.79 caffemodel (110 MB) netscope, netron

Update (July 27, 2017): for your convenience, we also provide a link to these models on Baidu Disk.


Due to compatibility reasons, several modifications have been made:

  • BGR mean values [103.94,116.78,123.68] are subtracted
  • scale: 0.017 is used, instead of the original std values for image preprocessing
  • ceil_mode: false is used in the first pooling layers ('pool1')
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