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APUE - x86 assembly - Bash - BD - C - CLRS - CNAPP - CNSPP - CSN - DDA - DevOps - x86 disassembly - Golang - GOPL - HTAE - ICND1 - ICND2 - iptables - LKD - LSP - Nginx - PER - PIC - Python - Ruby - SPEC - TCPIP - TCPv1 - TLPI - TWGR - UNP - UTLK - Vim


Name Status Progress
APUE Backlog Almost Done
x86 assembly Backlog Almost Done
Bash Future Started
BD Discontinued First Half
C Stub -
CLRS Discontinued Started
CNAPP Future Started
CNSPP Backlog Started
CSN Active First Half
DDA Active Started
DevOps Future Second Half
x86 disassembly Future Started
Golang Discontinued First Half
GOPL Active Almost Done
HTAE Backlog Started
ICND1 Future Started
ICND2 Future Started
iptables Stub -
LKD Active Second Half
LSP Backlog Started
Nginx Stub -
PER Future Started
PIC Future Started
Python Stub -
Ruby Discontinued First Half
SPEC Backlog First Half
TCPIP Backlog Started
TCPv1 Backlog First Half
TLPI Backlog Started
TWGR Backlog Started
UNP Backlog First Half
UTLK Backlog First Half
Vim Stub -


  1. Active items are of P0 priority per OKR, and are in bold.
  2. All other items in the OKR are in backlog.
  3. Future items are not in the OKR but are likely to be revisited in the future.
  4. Stub items are not intended as notes.
  5. For progress, started: < 15%; first half: 15% ~ 50%; second half: 50% ~ 85%; almost done: 85% ~ 100%; complete: 100%.
  6. For full titles, see Books and Materials.