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<!doctype html>
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<title>JavaScript Patterns</title>
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/* Title: Primitive Wrappers
* Description: JavaScript has 3 primitive wrapper objects: number, string, boolean
// antipattern
// with wrappers
var s = new String("my string");
var n = new Number(101);
var b = new Boolean(true);
// preferred
// without wrappers
var s = "my string";
var n = 101;
var b = true;
only use primitive wrappers when you want to augment the value and persist state
// primitive string
var greet = "Hello there";
// primitive is converted to an object
// in order to use the split() method
greet.split(' ')[0]; // "Hello"
// attemting to augment a primitive is not an error = true;
// but it doesn't actually work
console.log(typeof; // "undefined"
// primitive wrapper
var greet = new String("Hello there");
// split() method is called directly on the object
greet.split(' ')[0]; // "Hello"
// augment the object = true;
// it works
console.log(typeof; // "boolean"
// References
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