AngularJS Learning Playground ( with Twitter bootstrap, Google maps API, TDD using Karma runner )
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AngularJS Learning Playground ( with some more items like Twitter bootstrap, Google maps API, TDD using Karma runner )

LookAround Demo

Codeship Status for shidhincr/LookAround

What we're going to do ?

It'll be a simple application using Google maps API to load the location service and find the nearest ATM,Bar,Hotels, Pubs ..etc. Google is already providing this information on their Google+ page –– but as I said earlier, we'll be mimicking the same for our learning purpose.

Technologies/Frameworks used here :

  • Angular JS
  • Google Maps API
  • Twitter bootstrap
  • TDD ( Karma runner )
  • Yeoman ( Optional now )

Update : I couldn't set up the tests using karma due to time constraints. That's the next item in my TODO list.


Fiddle around with demo : LookAround Demo App

Want to Contribute ?

I'm so happy if you do. Fork the project, make whatever changes you want to do and submit a pull request.

For testing it locally, there's a web-server.js file included in the scripts folder. Open up the terminal and run the JS file ( You need to have NodeJS installed ).

For any discussions on feature requests, improvements, bugs : join me here on Gitter chat

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