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SHIELD v8.3.0

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@shield-bot shield-bot released this 01 Aug 19:02
· 247 commits to master since this release


  • Submit buttons on forms now (a) disable themselves when clicked
    and (b) change their text to indicate an ongoing operation.
    This greatly increases the usability of the web UI. See #505

  • The web UI for rekeying SHIELD Core now correctly identifies
    when the operator would like to rotate the fixed key. Also, the
    error messaging for an incorrect current master password is
    better now, and by default, the "rotate fixed key" checkbox on
    the rekeying form is off. See #546

  • The default password for the failsafe account has been changed
    from shield to password, for more continuity across various
    packaging formats. See #531

  • The shield tasks command (and the backing API) can now filter
    tasks based on their task type (i.e. "backup", or "restore")
    See #523

  • The Encryption column of the system detail page's backup jobs
    table now always shows something. For jobs that do not used
    the fixed key, the new tag is randomized. See #536

  • SHIELD now tracks when it last checked each agent separately
    from when it last "saw" the agent. Last Seen now means the
    point in time when the agent last connected to the SHIELD core,
    and Last Checked is when the core last connected to the agent
    for metadata retrieval.

  • SHIELD now allows agents to change their IP address; only the
    agent name is unchangeable. Previously, attempts to change an
    agents registered IP address (without changing its name) would

  • Both the SHIELD Agent and the SHIELD CLI now trust the system
    X.509 CA Certificate Stores. See #555 and #556

Bug Fixes

  • The MotD separator no longer displays if the MotD is empty
    or not specified. See #530

  • The Ad Hoc Backup and Restore wizards now handle the "empty"
    state more gracefully, and instead of showing an empty table
    when there are no data systems, they warn you that you have
    no systems to backup or restore. See #532 and #533

  • Stores (global and tenant-specific) can now be properly deleted
    via the web UI and CLI.

  • When editing targets and stores on the webui changes are now
    persisted when editing again without a refresh.

  • The "Agents of SHIELD" admin page no longer gets stuck in a
    loading loop whenever websocket events are seen.

  • Global Storage Configuration details are now properly loaded
    when accessing a global store detail page from the admin panel.
    Previously, the details would only load if you visited the
    global store from the "Storage Systems" (non-admin) top-level,
    which only works if you actually have a tenant. See #535

  • shield annotate-archive now works with short uuids

  • Orphaned archives from a target deletion no longer prevent users
    from loggin into SHIELD

  • The mongo plugin now handles hosts with embedded ports,
    allowing operators to configure multi-node mongo across
    different ports on the same node, without --port getting in
    the way.

  • The mongo plugin now allows you to authenticate against a
    database other than "admin" (which remains the default).