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SHIELD v8.4.1

@shield-bot shield-bot released this
· 172 commits to master since this release
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  • Added a /v2/mbus/status API endpoint that returns metrics about the state of
    the event message bus. This allows for some introspection into what websocket
    connections may be doing at that moment.
  • The UI now has less wasted space when displaying a bunch of cards for data
  • Implemented a configurable timeout when making SSH connections to agents. A
    lower default now also keeps dead agents from taking up large amounts of
    scheduler worker time.
  • SHIELD now tracks when the last time an agent erred was.
  • Hidden agents are now sorted under a separate header in the web UI.
  • Hiding, showing, and deleting agents can now be done from the CLI.

Bug Fixes

  • We no longer leak the file descriptors and goroutines for detached websocket
  • Workers can no longer be starved out when sending events to the message bus
    if the receiver of the message bus is misbehaving because these event sends
    are now asynchronous.
  • Fixed a bug where a worker could derefence a nil pointer when certain
    database selects returned no rows.
  • The database layer now has more stringent locking, which both avoids certain
    threads locking each other out in SQLite, and also makes certain series of
    database operations effectively atomic.
  • A couple of fixups would deadlock themselves out of the database and prevent
    fixups from actually running. Now they don't.
  • Fixups now only run once instead of on every startup, like nature intended.
  • The agent "Last Checked At" timestamp was being updated when the task was
    pulled off the scheduler, whether or not the agent was actually checked
    (due to other potential errors).
  • Named a fixup without a name.
  • Agents that failed their status checks are now once again marked as such.