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SHIELD v8.5.0

@shield-bot shield-bot released this
· 149 commits to master since this release
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  • The shield status command is twice as pretty and three times
    as useful.

  • Cloud Storage detail pages in the web interface now show a
    timeline similar to the one shown for Data Systems, so that
    SHIELD operators have an easier time of troubleshooting failing
    storage configurations.

  • The SHIELD CLI now displays task+log data for the last
    test-store task of a given store (for shield store X and
    shield global-store Y), to assist in troubleshooting failing
    storage configurations.

  • Operators now have a web interface and some CLI commands for
    inspecting the state of SHIELD Data Fixups, and re-running them
    (if / when necessary).

  • The mongo target plugin can now have options applied
    individually to just mongodump or mongorestore.

  • Passwords and RSA private keys are now properly obscured in
    the web interface detail pages for both systems and cloud
    storage. People without rights to see such credentials will
    still see the "REDACTED" string instead; but people with the
    required privilege will instead see the blurred-out obscured
    text that they can hover over to reveal.

  • The shield tasks command can now filter down to only tasks
    that involve a particular tenant or global cloud storage system.

Bug Fixes

  • Data Fixups will now be properly skipped if they've already been
    applied. Additionally, names / dates / summaries will be
    updated every time the SHIELD Core boots up, to catch typos
    and mispellings there.

  • The Data System detail page in the web interface no longer has a
    race condition between the start of an AJAX call for the plugin
    configuration details and a shield:navigate away from the
    page. Other such race conditions involving AJAX should now also
    be fixed.

  • Switching between tenants (with differing levels of access) now
    properly re-renders the sidebar to show your new privileges.

  • The shield job X command now populates the "Status" and
    "Agent" fields, using data in the API responses.