The Most Pixels Ever is an open-source Java and C++ framework for spanning Processing sketches and openFrameworks applications across multiple screens.
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Most Pixels Ever

Most Pixels Ever is an open-source framework for spanning graphics applications across multiple screens.

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Getting Started:

Check out the tutorials on the wiki!

Supported environments

Most Pixels Ever 2.0 Protocol


Message Example Description
S|#|string S|0|render0 Synchronous Client connecting | ID # | name
A|#|string|boolean A|5|render0|true ASychronous Client connecting | ID # | name | messages back yes or no?
D|#|# D|0|231 Client done rendering, ID, frame number
T|String T|rain,82 Data message sent to all client
T|String|#,# T|rain,82|0,1 Data message | which clients to send to
P P Toggle pause state


Message Example Description
G|# G|231 Go and draw frame 231
G|#|#,String|#,String G|231|rain,0,82|3,snow,42 Go and draw frame 231 with these messages, messages are preceded by client ID that sent them
R R Reset to frame 0
P P Toggle pause state