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PHP library for using the Eventbrite API
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PHP library for using the Eventbrite API



Instantiate the $eventbrite object and declare the user and app keys:

$eventbrite = Eventbrite(array('user_key' => $userKey, 'app_key' => $appKey));

Although it's not recommended, you can use the user's email address and password instead of the user's API key:

$eventbrite = Eventbrite(array('user' => '',
                               'password' => 'mypass',
                               'app_key' => $appKey));

This library caches by default, and you can indicate your preferences for where to cache and for how long with the cache() method. For example, to cache files in /tmp for one day (the default behavior):

$eventbrite->cache(array('dir' => '/tmp', 'timeout' => 86400));

If you want to disable caching, set timeout to 0:

$eventbrite->cache(array('timeout' => 0));

Use the $eventbrite object to access any of the API endpoints you want, passing all required and any optional arguments:

$attendees = $eventbrite->eventListAttendees(array('id' => '1514765705'));

Many responses are more than you need, but you can reformat them as desired. For example, here's what we do to create a simpler and more manageable array of attendees for the Brooklyn Beta web site:

$original = $eventbrite->eventListAttendees(array('id' => '1514765705'));
$attendees = array();

foreach ($original['attendees'] as $attendee) {
    $attendee = $attendee['attendee'];
    $twitter = strtolower(trim($attendee['answers'][0]['answer']['answer_text'], ' @'));
    $attendees[$twitter] = array('name' => "{$attendee['first_name']} {$attendee['last_name']}",
                                 'email' => $attendee['email'],
                                 'blog' => $attendee['blog']);
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