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Who are we?

Binaris is the team behind ShiftJS. ShiftJS as a product is all about helping other developers build applications: We bridge the gap between frontend and backend.

We're looking for people to join our dev team and help build our product and the developer community around it. We're happy you're thinking of joining us.

About ShiftJS

ShiftJS enables frontend developers to build full-stack applications without relying on backend or DevOps engineers. Developers add backend logic directly into their frontend projects, while we seamlessly deploy it to our scalable production-grade cloud. ShiftJS revolutionizes sharing and reuse in the cloud. By grouping frontend and backend code, ShiftJS allows developers to share live full-stack applications. Other developers can experience these applications with a click of a button, and reuse their code in their own applications.

About our dev team

We are a team of enthusiastic developers. Our backgrounds are varied:

FrontendOn-premBig companies
Self-employedRock musicDevOps

We're proud of the team we're building.

Our values

We believe in trust, iteration and innovation.

  • Trust: We are working towards a shared goal -- even when we disagree. We always assume good faith in each others' efforts. Because we never know who will have the right ideas, everything company-related is open. Everyone can touch any part of the production system, and we believe in adding safeguards to help us avoid mistakes when we do so.
  • Empowerment: We believe in our abilities. Each of us handles the entire life cycle of a task, whether implementing a new feature or fixing a bug: from design, to coding, testing, and integration, all the way up to deployment and ops.
  • Iteration: We iterate on everything. We deliver code and features whenever possible, not only in official "releases". We also iterate over our specification and design processes, especially after we think we've made a mistake.
  • Innovation: We've already built a blazing fast Functions-as-a-Service platform with the unique characteristics needed to run ShiftJS well. There's nothing like it in the world. Now we're doing the same for integrated development of frontend and backend code.

We believe in discussion followed by action. Our team has to be diverse because we work on such a wide variety of problems. Here, one size does not fit all.

Job requirements

  • Honestly, no-one matches all of these requirements. When we started building a better Lambda at Binaris, half of us had never used AWS before.
  • You must be willing to teach what you know; we will help you learn what we know.
  • You should be a good programmer. Experience in TypeScript or JavaScript is an advantage.
  • Experience building full-stack or front-end apps is an advantage.
  • Experience in ops is an advantage.


The Team

Michael Adda
Co-founder & CTO, father, kernel surgeon, nethack addict, wears pink
Roey Berman
There's only one book in my library, and that's The Bible
Avner Braverman
Co-founder & CEO, HPC by trade, UX by passion
Ryland Goldstein
Binaris California head, United frequent flyer
Arik Maor
Cat lover, custom standing desk owner
Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov)
Stops coding early twice a week to enjoy 3 kids. I have a slide rule and I'm not afraid to use it!
Amir Shevat
Co-founder & CPO, husband of one, father of two + a cat and a dog. Author of books.
Olga Zelenko
Mother, wife, photographer and designer at heart
Vladimir Zoubritsky
Embarrassingly parallel programmer, mechanical keyboards collector
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