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"What I learnt building for Windows 8" - DDD Sydney 2012

What this contains

The demo app I built to show off various things I demonstrated at DDD Sydney:

  • testing your UI at design time using VS/Blend
  • testing your UI using the simulator
  • testing your app using touch and mouse (even without hardware)
  • customising app icons and how that flow
  • tile and toast notifications inside your app
  • integrating search into your app
  • testing your app for marketplace

Things I didn't get around to covering:

  • background workers (pending favour of demo gods)
  • testing
  • MVVM
  • styling your app components

Useful Links

MetroStudio from SyncFusion - free tool to generate PNG or XAML icons for your app

The Noun Project - collection of free SVG icons to use in your app

Adobe Kuler - site for searching and creating colour themes

Tile Notification Templates for Windows 8

BoxKite.Notifications - helper library for creating notifications without parsing XML

NotifyPropertyWeaver - IL weave your INotifyPropertyChanged code

Deploying Win8 Apps in the Enterprise - how Win 8 Metro Apps can be deployed in the enterprise

Registering for an App Token - under App Profiles

TODO: include/blog the things I covered during the talk:

  • Notifications - how to quickly add those to an app
  • Search (oops, missed these) - how to quickly add it to an app


The content from my DDD Sydney Talk - "What I learnt building for Windows 8"



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