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Scribble is a NuGet package to do the heavy lifting of creating and maintaining documentation in your projects.

Check the docs folder for details about the concepts and ideas.

Specifically it is intended to:

  • make documentation easy and fun to write
  • keep code and documentation in sync
  • take your documentation and export it

Getting Started in 3 easy steps

  • Open your project in Visual Studio
  • Install-Package scribble -Pre from the Package Manager Console
  • There is no step 3

As part of the installation, Scribble will create the folder structure under docs in your solution folder (or repository root if it detects a git/hg repository) and open the site in your default browser.

Scribble will also open the Markdown template for the index so you can start editing quickly

screenshot of docs folder

In the background Scribble will open a tiny webserver to transform the Markdown files and other files into a website which you can view immediately in the browser

screenshot of browser

When you open the solution after subsequent usages, the previewer will startup again so you can keep your documentation close.


Markdown everywhere

Code Snippet detection