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Information for HTTP/20 interop testing for iij-http2
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Information of HTTP/2.0 interop testing for iij-http2

Interop servers for HTTP2 draft13 of https and itnermediary are available as below.

Test Pages on

  • Static Files
  • Print Request Headers
  • HPACK-05 Tests(Ajax needed)
  • Flow Control Tests(Ajax needed)
  • PushPromise Tests
  • Header Tests(Ordering/Cookie) (Ajax needed)
  • Padding Test

Due to the implementation of stream priority of its dependency and weight, HTTP perfomance is largely degraded. This is just a prototype to evaluate HTTP/2 functionarities. Need more optimazation.

iij-http2 needs more code cleanup. So it is still in my private repository. Stay tuned for open to public.

If you find any issues, please submit them to this repository.

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