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doc: add setImmediate execute timing description

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Shigeki Ohtsu authored

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@@ -49,9 +49,10 @@ request the timer hold the program open. If the timer is already `ref`d calling
49 49
50 50 ## setImmediate(callback, [arg], [...])
51 51
52   -To schedule the "immediate" execution of `callback`. Returns an `immediateId`
53   -for possible use with `clearImmediate()`. Optionally you can also pass
54   -arguments to the callback.
  52 +To schedule the "immediate" execution of `callback` after I/O events
  53 +callbacks and before `setTimeout` and `setInterval` . Returns an
  54 +`immediateId` for possible use with `clearImmediate()`. Optionally you
  55 +can also pass arguments to the callback.
55 56
56 57 Immediates are queued in the order created, and are popped off the queue once
57 58 per loop iteration. This is different from `process.nextTick` which will

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