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Welcome to the nosh-in-a-box wiki!

Here is the new and improved GitHub site to install NOSH ChartingSystem. By incorporating VirtualBox and Vagrant, NOSH is now able to be installed in a sandboxed environment as a virtual machine so that it can be used on not only Linux based operating systems, but on Windows and Mac as well. This makes the installation much easier and it makes is less likely to mess up along the way.

NOSH-in-a-Box is built with the following components:

  1. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) server
  2. MariaDB database (this is the open-source version of MySQL)
  3. PHP 7.0 hypertext pre-proccessor and scripting engine with all of the necessary extensions and plugins to make NOSH work
  4. Apache webserver
  5. phpMyAdmin database administrator
  6. Let's Encrypt free SSL generator (so you can access NOSH through https)

Introduction to NOSH
NOSH Feature Set
Installing NOSH
Updating NOSH
Patient Portal

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