How to get Gmail to work with NOSH

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In order for your NOSH ChartingSystem installation to send appointment reminder and notification emails to your patients, you will first need to set up a dedicated Gmail account with Google. You can create one here. Once your Gmail account is created, you will then need to get a "Client ID" and "Client Secret" tied to your NOSH ChartingSystem. This is done through Google's Oauth2 (OpenID Connect) authentication mechanism. If you are a NOSH in the Cloud user since this is already installed for you, go to this step.

Access the Google Developers Console

The Google Developers Console is available from You need to log in as your Gmail account here.

Create a Project

Click on "Select a project" and "+" button:

Name it anything you like (example is NOSH). Select "Yes" and click on "I agree...", then "Create":

Set Credentials

After your NOSH project is created, you'll be presented with the screen below. On the left hand menu, click on "Credentials", then "Create credentials" and select "OAuth 2.0 client ID":

Click on "Web application" and Fill in the fields as shown below. Select "Web Application" and name the profile as "NOSH" or anything you like. Under "Authorized redirect URIs", enter your domain name (ie where <Your Domain Name>.com is in the image below. Keep the rest of the URL the same. For instance: Click "Create":

Click on "OAuth consent screen" and fill in the fields (Email address will be pre-populated to your Gmail account) such as

  • Product Name: NOSH ChartingSystem
  • Product Logo:
  • and press "Save":

You'll be presented with a screen that shows the Client ID and Client Secret. Close the dialog box and you'll be presented with a list of profiles. Click on the Download icon on the right hand side. You will then save this .json file on your computer. Remember where you saved it because you'll need to upload it next!

Enable the Gmail API

In the Google Developer Console, click on Dashboard on the left hand side and then click on Enable API and then Gmail API.

Setup NOSH

If this is your first installation of NOSH, you'll be presented with the Installation page and proceed after entering your values. You'll then be logged in as the Admin user to proceed with the remainder of your practice setup. You'll be first presented to the Setup Mail page and here, you select Google Gmail option and then fill in the Google Client ID and Google Client Secret values as indicated before. Save the setup and you'll be next seeing a Google screen requesting authorization and offline access, which you will approve. Afterwards the system will send a test e-mail to your practice email account to ensure that your setup is correct.

Offline access

Login as the Administrator user and you will be prompted to login to Google to allow offline access (this will allow NOSH to send emails such as appointment reminders in the background). You only need to do this once and you're set!

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