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This is the enhanced version of CombatTag.

Enhancements over vanilla CombatTag:
    Temporary ban of configurable seconds when logging out during combat.
    Player ban duration multiplies by two for each subsequent incident of combat logging.
    The player ban duration is reset to the default configured temporary ban after a day (86400 seconds).

	Combat tag is a plugin for bukkit which prevents pvp loggers from getting away with logging.
	This plugin was originally created by marinating. 

Config file explanation:
	TagTime: duration of tag (from the time the player is hit by another player)

-- Setup --

Look at the setup instructions here:

-- Post-setup configuration --

Look at the settings manifest here:

And, to these configuration instructions, there are extra settings:

- tempBanSeconds:
  Integer, positive (zero or negative values have no effect)

  Players who log out are banned for this amount of time (default 10 seconds),
  if they have been damaged or if they have damaged someone else within the
  time specified in the setting Tag-Duration.
  The tempban is implemented as a volatile (in-RAM) list that is not persisted
  between server restarts, and any user in this list whose tempban has not
  expired, is auto-kicked with a message.

- banDurationMultiplier:
  Integer (positive), recommended setting 1 or 2

  Repeated combat logging may optionally increase the temporary ban length
  by a multiplicative factor. The default setting for the multiplier is 2,
  so a player who combat logs 3 times in a row is banned for 10 seconds the
  first time, 20 seconds the second time, then 40 seconds the third time.

  If you would prefer that the ban length not increase for repeat offenders,
  set the banDurationMultiplier to 1.

  Advisory: Using a negative value will result in weirdness where the player is
  alternately banned and unbanned with every other combat logout. Using a
  positive value that is too high may result in integer overflow in the ban
  length, producing the same symptoms as a negative banDurationMultiplier.

- banResetTimeout:
  Integer, positive (zero or negative values have no effect)

  After repeatedly combat logging, a player's ban length will be increased
  as per the banDurationMultiplier above. The banResetTimeout represents the
  length of time after which the ban duration will be reset to the default of
  tempBanSeconds, once the player has stopped combat logging.

  For example, a player who combat logs 5 times, resulting in a 5 minute ban,
  then does not logout during combat for 24 hours. After the 24 hours has
  passed, his ban length next time he combat logs is reset to 10 seconds.

  Default banResetTimeout is one day, given in seconds.

-- Documentation for other relevant settings --

- Tag-Duration:
  (Yes, the capitalization is retarded. It wasn't me)
  Integer, positive (zero or negative values will cause a malfunction)
  This is the amount of seconds between the moment of a a hit/damage and the
  expiration of the "tag" (that is, when the player was "tagged" as in combat). 

- npcDespawnTime:
  Integer (-1 or positive).
  This is the amount of seconds between a player logging out and his NPC
  despawning automatically.  If -1, it will never despawn.
- npcName: 
  This is the name of the NPC that you want to spawn. If you input "number", 
  it will replace "number" with the NPC's number. If you put "player", it will 
  replace "player" with the player's name. You can also put something like 
  "playernumberxx". If I were to pvp log the NPC would be named something like 
  "cheddar2621xx". If you don't put "player" or "number", the plugin will 
  automatically append a number to the end of the name.
  Beware: Putting the NPC name as just "player" will cause an incompatibility 
  with Heroes, but it will allow their skins to show.

- disabledWorlds: 
  Worlds which will not spawn NPCs

- Tag-Duration: 
  Amount of seconds for a combat tag to last

- disabledCommands: 
  Commands which are disabled while in combat. Example: [/warp,/home,/spawn]

- Enable-Debugging: 
  Debug mode on/off

- Version: 
  Version of the plugin. DO NOT TOUCH THIS!

- InstaKill:
  Whether a person automatically dies when they PvP log (true) or if it'll 
  spawn an NPC (false)

- npcDespawnTime: 
  The time it takes for and Npc to despawn in seconds after the person pvp 
  logs. "-1" for the npcs not to despawn.

- blockEditWhileTagged: 
  Whether people can edit blocks while tagged or not.

- sendMessageWhenTagged: 
  Sends a message to both people when they get tagged

- npcDieAfterTime: 
  If the npc (when it despawns due to npcDespawnTime) dies and drops their 
  stuff (true) or the npc despawns and the person keeps their stuff (false)

-- Recommended settings --

- npcDespawnTime=20
- blockEditWhileTagged=true
- InstaKill=false
- sendMessageWhenTagged=true
- npcDieAfterTime=false
- disabledCommands=[]
- Enable-Debugging=false
- Tag-Duration=10
- npcName=player
- tempBanSeconds=10
- banDurationMultiplier=2
- banResetTimeout=86400