WML syntax highlighting schema for the Kate text editor.
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Wesnoth Markup Language Syntax Highlighting for Kate

wml.xml is a syntax highlighting schema for the Kate text editor targeting the markup language used for configuration and scripting by the Battle for Wesnoth game engine. More specifically, this schema works with any editor that makes use of the KatePart editor component or highlighting schema format.

Contained in this directory is the development version of the schema. Changes are sent and included upstream in Kate once deemed suitable for general usage.


If you are using relative modern versions of Kate, you can obtain the latest stable version through a few simple steps:

  • Open the preferences dialog by choosing Settings -> Configure Kate in the menu.
  • Proceed into Editor Component -> Open/Save -> Modes & Filetypes.
  • Click on Download Highlighting Files and choose the Wesnoth Markup Language schema, plus any dependencies that you might need to update or install (see below).

Alternatively, you may obtain the latest development version of wml.xml from this repository and install it to <application data>/katepart/syntax, where <application data> stands for one of KDE's preferred data directories (such as $HOME/.kde/share/apps).

It should work out of the box when opening standard Wesnoth Markup Language (*.cfg or *.pbl) files for the first time.


wml.xml makes use of the following additional schemas included in Kate:

  • Alerts (alerts.xml)
  • Lua (lua.xml)
  • Pango (pango.xml)