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wml-tools/katepart-syntax: Exempt most contexts from spellchecking

The default context still uses spellchecking, i.e. so "bar" is recognized as a
mistake in foo=bar; string contexts also continue to use spellchecking so
foo="bar", foo= _ "bar", {FOO "bar"}, {FOO ( _ "bar")} work as they should.

The oddball is {FOO bar}, because it seems to me that this is often going to
cause problems (e.g. {MODIFY_UNIT id=Lala canrecruit yes}).

Testing welcome.

[Wesnoth-UMC-Dev SVN r15057]
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shikadiqueen committed Jun 23, 2012
1 parent 85ad302 commit dbe4c7c3cd5d88685d7296cbaa0d0c8a69fd485f
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16 wml.xml
@@ -189,17 +189,17 @@
<itemData name="Normal WML Text" defStyleNum="dsNormal" />
<itemData name="Normal Text" defStyleNum="dsString" /> <!--For Pango-->
<itemData name="Maintenance script statement" defStyleNum="dsAlert"/>
<itemData name="Maintenance script statement" defStyleNum="dsAlert" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="String" defStyleNum="dsString" />
<itemData name="Comment" defStyleNum="dsComment" />
<itemData name="Macro/Include" defStyleNum="dsFunction" />
<itemData name="WML Node" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" />
<itemData name="WML Attribute" defStyleNum="dsDataType" />
<itemData name="Preprocessor" defStyleNum="dsOthers" />
<itemData name="Error" defStyleNum="dsError" />
<itemData name="Macro/Include" defStyleNum="dsFunction" spellChecking="false" />
<itemData name="WML Node" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" spellChecking="false" />
<itemData name="WML Attribute" defStyleNum="dsDataType" spellChecking="false" />
<itemData name="Preprocessor" defStyleNum="dsOthers" spellChecking="false" />
<itemData name="Error" defStyleNum="dsError" spellChecking="false" />
<itemData name="Macro String" defStyleNum="dsChar" />
<itemData name="Variable Substitution" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" />
<itemData name="Variable Subscript" defStyleNum="dsBaseN" />
<itemData name="Variable Substitution" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" spellChecking="false" />
<itemData name="Variable Subscript" defStyleNum="dsBaseN" spellChecking="false" />

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