Wesnoth RCX, visual sprite team-coloring/recoloring tool for the Battle for Wesnoth.
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Wesnoth RCX (codename “Morning Star”) — Read-Me

This is a Qt-based GUI application for recoloring Wesnoth graphics using the
game’s own team coloring mechanism.

Derived from the Wesnoth-TC codebase, Wesnoth RCX is intended as an aid for
Wesnoth sprite artists and campaign developers who need to preview their unit
artwork as it will be displayed in-game under various team coloring parameters.
It provides a quick preview functionality, as well as the option to save the
results to disk for other purposes. A built-in visual palette and color range
editor allows artists and coders to play around with the various possibilities
offered by Wesnoth’s team coloring and generate WML code for use in add-ons.

Wesnoth RCX is open-source software, released under the terms of the GNU
General Public License, version 2 or any later version. See the COPYING file
for details.


If you are building from source, see the INSTALL file for instructions. Windows
and Mac OS X users should just use the binary packages provided here:


Windows users might prefer to create a shortcut to the ‘wesnoth-rcx.exe’ file
found after unpacking the distribution Zip file. No actual installation
procedure is required in either case.


To start RCX, just run the “wesnoth-rcx” executable. You’ll be asked to choose
an image file (PNG or BMP) to open. Once done, you’ll be presented with the
complete user interface, where you can preview your file under different
recoloring settings. You can also generate recolored copies of the original
image file this way.

The Tools menu allows access to the built-in color range and palette editors.
By default, there will be no ranges and palettes listed in them. Any items you
create will be stored in the application’s configuration. You can choose to
generate WML code for your user-defined palettes and ranges, and copy it to
clipboard, or simply save it to a file.


RCX stores its configuration in platform-dependent locations using Qt’s own
application settings facility (QSettings).

 * On Linux, the configuration will be stored in the file
   $HOME/.config/Wesnoth/Morning Star.conf

 * On Windows, the configuration will be stored in the system Registry, under
   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wesnoth\Morning Star

 * On Mac OS X, the configuration will be stored in the file
   $HOME/Library/Preferences/com.Wesnoth.Morning Star.plist

Reporting bugs

See the included BUGS file for a list of known bugs in this release and
instructions to report new bugs.

Git repository

At this time, Wesnoth RCX’s public Git repository is hosted at Github. If you
can build from source and want to try the latest bleeding-edge changes, you can
find instructions for cloning the repository at the following location:


You may also fork the repository on Github and submit pull requests if you want
to contribute code for fixing a bug or implementing some missing feature. It is
recommended that you contact me beforehand, though.


There are a few options for providing feedback or getting help:

 * Forum topic at the Wesnoth.org forums:

 * Twitter:
   @shikadiqueen (not RCX-specific)

 * Email (not recommended, subject line should start with [RCX]):


Have lots of fun!

Iris Morelle <shadowm2006@gmail.com>