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Weldyn2 Extensions

This is a collection of custom phpBB extensions used on the official Battle for Wesnoth forums. These extensions are designed to work with phpBB 3.2.0 and later phpBB 3.2.x versions.

Some functionality is still hardcoded in the form of direct modifications to the phpBB codebase until upstream adds the required functionality for porting them to the extensions framework. These modifications can be found as part of the commit history of the Weldyn2 repository.

NOTE: These extensions have not been submitted to the phpBB extensions database for review, and they are provided here for reference purposes only without any form of warranty or technical support. We cannot guarantee that they will not break your forum board or that they do not unintentionally introduce new security vulnerabilities. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

List of extensions by directory

  • banhammer/ (Ban Hammer): A custom fork of the Ban Hammer extension with some minor changes to suit Wesnoth.org's needs better.
  • privatemessageip/ (Private Message Sender IP): Adds an IP field to the profile display on UCP private message views including the author's IP, to make this information readily available to moderators and administrators without having to report the PM first.
  • profileregistrationip/ (Profile Registration IP): Enables administrators with the Can Manage Users permission to see the IP address a user registered with on their profile page.
  • registrationage/ (Registration Age): Very crude extension that adds age restriction language to the registration terms page.
  • registrationchallenge/ (Registration Challenge): Adds an extra confirmation field to the user registration page requiring them to type three characters from their username and email address. This is meant as a very lazy additional anti-spambot measure.
  • ruleslink/ (Rules Link): Adds a link to the forum board's rules (Posting Guidelines) to the navbar, allowing the topic id to be set in the ACP.
  • signaturelinecap/ (Signature Line Cap): Implements a line count limit for user signatures.
  • wesmere/ (Wesmere Site Integration): Adds the Wesmere site navigation bar at the top of the forums, replacing the built-in search box provided by prosilver-compatible styles.