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We've reached 1,000+ (!) servers for this tiny and simplistically designed bot! Thanks to all who have added it to their servers and self-host it! 🎉

As usual: please use the autoinstaller on macOS / Linux or Windows to install the initial modules and files -- alternatively one may just follow the Git instructions on the GitBooks/README :-) Do not update using the installer scripts. Just git pull for updating.

You'll need to setup a database (such as what we use - MongoDB - or any Enmap v3 supported persistence provider like Postgres, SQLite, LevelDB) to use here...more on that soon (AKA when someone bothers me about it xD) 😆

The README contains all the relevant information. There is a quick script that will install all the dependencies on macOS/Linux systems. Windows installation is also pretty seamless with the installer.bat script.

Documentation: https://karmabot.vlexar.pw


2.0.0...master [all commits since v2.0.0]


Click for a screenshot 👌
• Added color and nested color to many of the console log events using the fast ansi-colors lib, as well as fully formatted timestamps.
Live Screenshot from KarmaBot screenshot 2018-09-21 17 56 31
  • Added check which responds with a “how-to” of sorts if you just ping the bot without anything (@KarmaBot).
  • Added channels (total across bot) and - for no particular reason, the WS trace endpoint the bot is connected to on Discord’s gateway to the @KarmaBot stats command.
  • Removed Listcord from the bot listing sites as it's dead. RIP or something 🤷‍♂️
  • Fixed (this was already on the public bot) so users can lookup Karma even if they’re assigned the “NoKarma” role; updated @KarmaBot help with this. Note: a user obviously cannot add/subtract Karma still with the “NoKarma” role.
  • Changed (minor) scripts for Travis; use ESLint & Standard (redundant because ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Commit: shrinkwrap.yaml lockfile (pnpm is used here, highly recommend).
  • Removed unused deps and updated packages
  • Require Node v10+ because modernity - update error check accordingly
  • Locked Enmap to 3.x.x as 4.x.x does not support providers anymore — we currently use MongoDB but any others (Postgres, SQLite, LevelDB) would work with a few line changes (See: https://enmap.evie.codes/blog-posts/reason for 4.x.x only supporting SQLIte)
  • Minor cleanups/notated ESLint flags for clarity
  • Refactor some parts of the code (minor)
  • Switch to using axios and a non-blocking, ES8 async post to all the Discord Bot lists (public bot)
  • Cleanups

(direct invite link): https://bot.discord.io/karmabot

TODO (still):

  • Update README for MongoDB and database-config instructions (Some basics are pointed out) - someone bother me about it please!
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