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@shikhir-arora shikhir-arora released this Nov 19, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release

v1.0.6-pre [prerelease]

We've reached 100 servers for this tiny and simplistically designed bot! Thanks to all who have added it to their servers and self-host it! 🎉

Please note that this is a pre-release for v1.0.6 proper which will include promised features (namely the way of Karma accumulation, which we've got a nice plan for that will keep the bot as simple as it is right now yet unique from the standard ways of gaining points)

This release mainly updates code syntax, clean up, and updates the dependencies. We also made some minor tweaks to how we publish on public API's for listing sites. This pre-release won't be published on npm just yet but it should be updated (git pull) or installed from scratch safely. We recommend you do update your bot to this despite the pre-release label, because it does contain several library improvements.

As usual: please use the autoinstaller on macOS / Linux or Windows to install the initial modules and files -- alternatively one may just follow the GIt instructions on the GitBooks/README :-) Do not update using the installer scripts. Just git pull for updating. If you do use the script, ensure you back up your karmafiles folder!

The README contains all the relevant information. There is a quick script that will install all the dependencies on macOS/Linux systems. Windows installation is also seamless with the installer.bat script.



  • As this is a pre-release, I will link to the commits made since v1.0.5, which are mostly internal but do have some important fixes!

  • v1.0.5...master [all commits since v1.0.5]

  • 30a77ea [update to Discord.js v12.0-dev, change setGame -> setActivity]

  • 04cae17 [update libraries]

  • 6a023f0 [tiny fix because of eslint 😆 ]

  • 4b37cef [biggest enhancements to this pre-release, just read the commit for the summary]

  • 0d442a9 [added widgets courtesy of and a nice status icon]

(direct invite link):

Coming in v1.0.6:

  • The Karma accumulation thing I mentioned at the bottom of v1.0.5's notes, and at the top of this release. This will be the v1.0.6 release (hence this pre-release which I wanted to get out due to the library changes)
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