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A skill for the Snips voice platform to interact with your heating system via ebusd
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Snips heating system connector eBUS (e.g. Vaillant) connector

MIT License

This is a Snips action to interact with your heating system via ebusd. It is written in Python and is compatible with snips-skill-server.



You'll need to add the Vaillant-eBUS skill in your assistant. It's available on Snips' console

SAM (preferred)

To install the action on your device, you can use Sam

sam install actions -g


Copy it manually to the device to the folder /var/lib/snips/skills/ You'll need snips-skill-server installed on the pi

sudo apt-get install snips-skill-server

Stop snips-skill-server & generate the virtual environment

sudo systemctl stop snips-skill-server
cd /var/lib/snips/skills/snips-skill-ebusd/
sudo systemctl start snips-skill-server

How to trigger

Hey Snips

Ich will duschen.


Show snips-skill-server logs with sam:

sam service log snips-skill-server

Or on the device:

journalctl -f -u snips-skill-server

Check general platform logs:

sam watch

Or on the device:



During installation, the assistant will ask for the IP address of the computer running ebusd with mqtt enabled. It will further ask for the type of heating sytem (e.g. 1: Calormatic 430, 2:GeoTherm plus VWS) This is because different heating system support different subsets of parameters.

Find out more about which parameters are supported by your heating system by running

ebusctl -f and/or ebusctl -f f

on the device running ebusd.

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