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CTF writeups

I like to participate in Capture The Flag events; computer security/hacking competitions which generally consist of participants breaking, investigating, reverse engineering and doing anything they can think of to reach the end goal; the flag, which is usually a specific string of text.

Join Me! I am always looking for team mates, so if you are interesting participating in one of these events and want to team up, please let me know :D

Upcoming and Permanent CTFs:

For a list of upcoming events see CTFtime.

Some permanent CTF challenges I'd recommend are:

and another list of permanent CTFs is here: http://captf.com/practice-ctf/

Writeups in this repository:

Hacky Easter 2016

On March 14th, another edition of Hacking-Lab's annual easter egg hunt CTF will take place.

They recently released a teaser challenge:

On March 14, the third Hacky Easter competition is going to start!

In order to shorten the waiting time, we are providing a teaser challenge in advance. Download the presentation about Hacky Easter 2016. It shows information about the upcoming event, and gives a glimpse at the event's challenges.

An easter egg is hidden somewhere in the file. Can you find it? You'll need to find hidden content in the file, and perform some operations on it, in order to get the egg.


  1. Find the hidden content in the presentation.
  2. Perform the necessary operations on it. You don't need to be a super h4XOR for this!
  3. HINT: When extracting things from the presentation, do it from the original file, and not from within PowerPoint!
  4. Get the easter egg
  5. Submit the solution code which is written on the easter egg. Writing a solution document / hacking journal, is optional for this case.

The presentation file: HackyEaster2016.odp

(will post writeups after the event is over)

HackVent 2015

Advent-calendar CTF by Hacking-Lab

Teaser Challenge

All you need for this challenge is this image (link):

This is a multi-stage challenge, final flag is of format:


To check your answer and claim your points, signup and submit here

EasyCTF 2015

A week-long entry level CTF in November 2015.

Website: https://www.easyctf.com/

Had an huge number of challenges, quite easy, but still fun, had a nice programming interface as well as online shell for the server exploit challenges.


a two-week-long CTF during NYU Poly's Cyber Security Awareness Week

(writeups to follow)

HackyEaster 2015

A great easter egg hunt run by Hacking-Lab.

website: http://hackyeaster.hacking-lab.com/hackyeaster/

HackVent 2014

A great advent-calender style CTF run by Hacking-Lab. Every day in December (until Christmas) a new challenge would open, each a little more difficult than the previous, and the goal each day was to find the flag, usually in the form a Christmas bauble with a QR code inside it.

Solving a challenge on the day of release got you max points, solving it later got you reduced points.

This was a really fun event, had something for all skill levels and a variety of topics. Hope to see another event from them at easter!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

Advent Calendar CTF 2014

A challenge for each day of advent


more to come..