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Report events via Socket.IO


cuddly = require('cuddly')('candy-dispenser','')

Alternatively set CUDDLY_URL and initiate the same way as the debug module:

// Assumes process.env.CUDDLY_URL is set.
cuddly = require('cuddly')('candy-dispenser')

All message methods (below) support a text description and an optional object.

Development/devops support messages

Indicate potential bug, internal inconsistency, or non-transient deployment problem.'Expected the candy type to be set in GrabCandy().')

Operational support messages

Indicate non-customer-specific operational (transient) problem.

cuddly.ops('The candy server is not reachable.')

Customer support messages

Indicate customer-specific problem (e.g. configuration entry).

cuddly.csr('Customer Bar is out of candies.')


The data sent in the event consists of the optional object, extended with:

  • error: the text description
  • application: the tag provided when creating the cuddly instance.
  • host: either the value of the CUDDLY_HOST environment variable, or the hostname as reported by Node.js.
  • stamp: an ISO-9601 timestamp
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