personal portage repository for Gentoo Linux
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personal portage repository for Gentoo Linux

Included packages

package name description note
app-crypt/veracrypt VeraCrypt An open source disk encryption tool with strong security for the Paranoid
app-editor/atom Atom A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
app-editor/vscode Visual Studio Code Code Editing. Redefined.
app-i18n/ibus iBus Intelligent Input Bus for Linux/Unix version 1.4.x / GitHub version
mate-extra/topmenu-gtk topmenu-gtk A Gtk+ module and Mate/Xfce panel applets for a global menubar.
net-im/Facebook-Messenger-Desktop Messenger for Desktop A simple & beautiful app for Facebook Messenger.
net-im/telegram-bin Telegram (binary package) a new era of messaging binary package
www-misc/webtaku webtaku webpage snapshot image generator
x11-misc/ktsuss ktsuss Graphical version of su written in C and GTK+ 2 append sudo USE flag
x11-themes/mbuntu-plymouth MBuntu-plymouth MBuntu plymouth theme OSX-like boot splash theme
x11-themes/mbuntu-y-icons MBuntu-Y-icons MBuntu Y icons & cursors themes OSX Yosemite-like icons & cursors
x11-themes/mbuntu-y-themes MBuntu-Y-themes MBuntu Y themes OSX Yosemite-like themes
x11-themes/mbuntu-themes MBuntu-themes MBuntu themes OSX-like themes
x11-themes/OSX-MATE OSX-MATE OSX-MATE theme - Based on Radiant-MATE requires x11-themes/mate-icon-theme-faenza

How to use

  1. Delete below code in /etc/portage/make.conf


  2. Copy shimataro.conf to /etc/portage/repos.conf (create if directory doesn't exist)

How to build manifest file

$ ebuild path/to/ebuild digest

Project page